Open Days at Derby video transcript

♫ Bright Music throughout ♫

The three peaks animation forms the University of Derby logo.

Fast drone footage introduces the Kedleston Road, Markeaton Street, Britannia Mill, and One Friar Gate Square sites.

Birdseye view of an outdoor banner that reads 'Welcome to your Open Day'

Drone footage of Kedleston Road entrance whooshes inside to show a large crowd watching a stage with 'Make it Real at Derby' on.

Voiceover: "Today is all about having an Open Day your way - our entire campus is open for you to explore. You can visit some of the facilities you'll be learning in and you can try out some of the state-of-the-art equipment that we have here at Derby, that you get to use as a student."

We see smiling students wave to us from the following stands: Union of Students, Campus Tours, Admissions, Markeaton Street entrance. We see people talking on stands for Funding, Student Wellbeing.

Facilities montage of people being shown the:

We see someone spinning a prize wheel on a TV screen.

We see more facilities:

We see the crowd watching the main stage from several angles with Vice Chancellor Professor Kathryn Mitchell speaking.

Second voiceover: "My role is to make sure you get the best job possible. Study something that you're passionate about, and you've got to be ultimately engaged and love it."

We see the Markeaton Street entrance with the University of Derby logo and 'Make it Real at Derby' decal beside it.

We see the TV studio control desk, a student reading from a teleprompter in front of a green screen.

We begin a montage of:

Third voiceover: "This University is a place to get inspired. Enjoy it, enjoy this quite unique experience."

We see a final montage of:

Text fills the screen showing the University of Derby logo and book now

Open Days at Derby video

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