water on fire from fracking gas video transcript

I can often hold a standard kitchen match to my water and, like I said, it is unpredictable but the methane randomly travels with the water and sometimes it will light quite spectacularly. Just like that.

Now Chesapeake is going to say ‘oh well there’s natural occurring methane in the wells already’ - what’s your reply to a comment like that? My reply is that their post-fracking test, their own, the methane tested 0.01mg per litre and since July 2010 it has tested as high as 64mg. So obviously something has changed.

(Person demonstrating, tests the water by holding a lit match to it. The water catches fire). 

And usually you can see it, they say as long as it aerates, it’s safe to drink and usually you can see a little bit of gas just aerating out of there. I don’t know if you can see it or not? Sometimes you have to hold it. Yeah I can see it.

Water on fire from fracking gas video

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