Introduction to UDO Your Online Learning Environment video transcript

Hi. I'm Brad an online content producer here at the University of Derby online learning. I'm here to welcome you to your online studies with us and I hope you're excited to start.

Whether you've studied online before or the experience is new to you, I'm here to show you your online learning environment known as UDO and show you how easy it is to navigate around so to get the most out of your time with us. Everything you need to complete your course is in one place your course materials, grades and student email account are all in UDO along with various other ways of communicating with your academics and other students on your course.

As soon as you have enrolled you'll be able to log in either through the website at or through the online app which you can download for free. Your username and password would have been sent to you by email when your enrolment was confirmed. Once logged in you'll be directed to UDO. In here there will be a range of different tiles all created to support you in your journey with us. In this video we shall focus on the course resources tile. You can find out more about the other tiles and what UDO has to offer by watching the UDO student platform video on our YouTube channel University of Derby online learning.

If we go into the course resources tile you shall be directed to your online learning environment. Within here you'll find a range of different learning materials including written materials, web and document links, videos, audio files, presentations and diagrams. Your course will be split up into modules which are then split up into units, making it easier to keep track of your learning.

We want to make sure you have support throughout your studies with us. Your online learner advisor should be your main point of contact for any questions about your course. Contact details of your online learner advisor, your academics and IT support are all within UDO. The community area provides you with excellent opportunities to speak to your fellow course mates through discussion boards and forums. Our academics will also hold virtual seminars in the community areas, which are the online equivalent of everyone getting together in a classroom. These are always recorded if you're unable to log on at the time they're held. You can also access the Central University support services such as student well-being and the Student Union. All the information you need to understand the tailored support on offer is available here too. If you want to find out more about the different areas and features of UDO, either take a look around for yourself or have a watch of the detailed video guide.

We hope you enjoy your studies here at the University of Derby online learning.

Introduction to UDO Your Online Learning Environment video

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