Student life in 2022/23 video transcript

The Union President walks towards the camera and begins to speak:

"Welcome to your Union of Students. I'm Owen, your Union President for this academic year."

We see a shot of the University Kedleston campus building.

"We have so much to offer you throughout your time here as a student, including events like Varsity and freshers fair."

We see shots of:
- Union of Students (US) colourful bunting
- Burgers being carried by a US employee
- A hot chocolate
- A student playing with a support dog
- A student interacting with a VR headset
- A student wearing a Phantom media t-shirt
- Two students in armour mock-training
- A student hits a ball with a rounder bat
- Two students laughing amongst paint being thrown in the city centre
- 'search derbyunion' appears on the side of a marquee

"We offer great food and drink throughout the year at one of our many outlets, like Blends, and opportunities to get involved in our student-led services, such as Phantom media, sports clubs and societies, and so much more."

We see the Union President walking alongside the camera.

"We are led by students for students. Every year we hold at least two elections to vote students in to represent the Union for the next academic year."

We see shots of:
- A student on a stage accepting an award for being elected into a position alongside a US staff member
- Quick shots of students accepting their awards on stage after being voted for a position
- We see four former student officer trustees together on stage amongst confetti

Two coloured slides appear saying 'Elected by you' and 'Representing you'.

"Any student can run for one of these positions, and many of them are part-time and can be done alongside your studies. It's an amazing experience for those who are elected. It's also one of the key ways to ensure that the organisation is democratically held responsible to represent your student voice."

The Union President picks up a coffee mug and begins walking towards the camera.

"Whether you're looking for activities, representation, volunteering opportunities, employability or advice. Your Union of Students is here to ensure that you get the most out of your student experience during your time here at the University of Derby."

The video ends with the Union of Students logo.

Student life in 2022/23 video

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