"The University of Derby makes me feel..." video transcript

Anisha Johal: "The University of Derby makes me feel... Empowered: they empowered me to break barriers and smash stereotype."

Nathan Addai: "Diverse: I feel like I'm part of a bigger community and what I've learned about my abilities and potential goes well beyond my degree."

Tingan Li: "Excitement: a train station that felt challenging to start but led to excitement built on my character and independence."

Ioana Batcu: "Passionate: a process of growth filled with fun career opportunities and beautiful people - a mixture of everything."

Adam Price: "Independence: Derby has given me confidence and self-direction allowing me to experience independence for the very first time."

Jessica Lucas: "Awakened: to a world full of possibilities. Nothing is stopping us now."

"The University of Derby makes me feel..." video

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