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What content will I be making?

We have numerous content needs that will come up throughout the year. Some of the most frequent examples are listed below. 

Student myths about coming to uni

For this video, our students were sent a brief of 10 myths and asked to film themselves answering by using their own experience. We then chose the 6 'best' myths which became this fantastic video, which has surpassed expectations and has been used at Open Days and in comms.

Student myths about coming to uni

View Student myths about coming to uni video transcript

Video embed-

Vlog: Greta's experience

Here's an example of a vlog-style video. Greta was asked to speak about her student experience, which we then edited down for time. Vlogs can be anywhere up to 20 minutes depending on the topic being covered and length required. 

Vlog: Greta's experience

View Vlog: Greta's experience video transcript

Video embed-

"The University of Derby makes me feel..."

For this video, we involved students from the initial concept stage to influence the structure and wording. We worked alongside Goldbox, a video production company founded by our graduates, to produce something truly "by students, for students."

Nathan at editing desk

View "The University of Derby makes me feel..." video transcript

Video embed-

Dija Bah

Blog: Changing your mind about your course in Clearing

Dija was asked questions about her experience of coming to Derby through Clearing and given a loose structure of how her first blog could be written. As a Unibuddy, she was also able to post the blog to her profile.

Read Dija's blogRead Dija's blog

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