Goldbox Productions — Showreel 2022 video transcript

This video showcases the company's work, using fast cuts between shots, captions, and music. There is no dialogue.


We walk behind a lady, onto the stage of an empty theatre.
Caption: No fuss filmmaking...

We see a close up of a bride and groom at their wedding, waving sparklers, smiling, and laughing.

Three female singers perform at Derby Cathedral.
Caption: ...with Goldbox Productions

A man in black tie receives an award on-stage and speaks to a crowd through a microphone.

We walk out onto the pitch of an empty Derby County football stadium. We see the words 'The Rams' on the empty seats. 
Caption: A content creation agency...

A close up of celebrity Bear Grylls talking to someone
Caption: ...providing innovative...

Close up of another man in a shirt using his hands to express himself
Caption: ...videography...

Four men in halloween fancy dress pose for a photo
Caption: ...and photography services...

A man in British Military Fitness sports kit is outside in a car park, walking and talking directly to the camera
Caption: ...for the new...

A lady puts on a Virtual Reality Headset

A young man dressed in a suit sings on stage
Caption: ...age.

Close up of a lady performing in some kind of office space with male dancers behind her
Caption: Optimized for all platforms...

A lady dancing at a disco

Close up of a man staring at something. We move around the back of his head to see what he's staring at: Derby Quad arts centre.
Caption: ...with lightning quick turnaround...

A chauffeur opens the door of a sports car and a man in a suit gets out. 
Caption: ...and affordable rates...

A shot of Derby Cathedral with grass and trees in front, and a cloudy, blue sky in the background
Caption: ...that don't inflate.

A lady serves food to a man in a suit at an outdoor event. Other smartly-dressed guests are visible behind, also being served food. 
Caption: "Goldbox have been absolutely fantastic from beginning to end!"
Close up of salad being served onto a plate.

Close up of a man's face, which then cuts to a shot of his fingers playing the piano.
Caption: "They fully understood our brief and the final videos exceeded our expectations."

A bride and groom kiss outdoors
Caption: "Right from first contact they were professional, informative & extremely well organised."
Close up of the couple laughing, with heads together.

Gameloft logo
Two men in halloween costumes talk to each other, while someone videos it.

BMF with Bear Grylls logo
Bear Grylls talks to the camera, with a river visible behind.

University of Derby logo
A lady talks to camera inside Derby County football stadium. We move around her to see more of the stadium behind.

Army - Be the Best logo
We follow behind a man in army uniform as he walks down a path.

Close up of a lady's face. She seems to be wearing a high-vis jacket and has yellow protective eyewear on her head.  
Caption: And many more

Very fast headshots of eight different people talking to camera.

Shot of lady standing outside the Derby war memorial. Camera pulls back to reveal more of the memorial. 
Caption: A team of four individuals...

Four men in hardhats and high-vis jackets look at plans on a building site
Caption: ...with one shared passion...

A female dancer strikes a pose at an outdoor sports ground (Derby County Cricket Ground)
Caption: ...for creating the best...

A suited man on stage, talks into a microphone while opening an envelope
Caption: ...visual content possible.

Close up of a man's hands holding a silver pocket watch
Caption: Think outside the box

A lady performs outside surrounded by Christmas trees covered in sparkly lights
Caption: Think Goldbox

[Music stops abruptly]

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Goldbox Productions — Showreel 2022 video

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