Dr Elnerine Greeff speaking about the Help to Grow: Management programme. video transcript

My name is Dr Elnerin Greeff and I am a Lecturer in Marketing at Derby Business School. I'm
especially excited to form part of this Help to Grow initiative.

The beauty of this program is we have small businesses that really just start out now and we have people with a wealth of experience, decades doing what they're doing. So, obviously if you've been in in your industry for that long it means that you're doing something right.

So, in terms of marketing really a lot of these business owners have an almost marketing common sense a compass that they follow. But what our course does is it takes the intangible things that they've sort of done as a gut feeling and breaks it down into the steps that they can follow and replicate and make sure that is scalable to when their business expands and grows as they want it to do.

So, again we are taking the theoretical and the practical and making sure all of that combines to give these revalidating feelings of what you are doing is good it's good for your business but how can we make that better, and we have those first-time business owners in the same room with those people that have such a lot of experience, along with the facilitators. So, it's everything that you wanted to learn in your three-year business course at university condensed and tailor-made to your business with face-to-face time mentorship, absolutely everything that you need to make it successful at what you already are passionate about.

Dr Elnerine Greeff speaking about the Help to Grow: Management programme. video

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