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I'm Charlene, I'm the Managing Director of Sports Sessions. I became a student at the University of Derby, studying the sport management degree. And actually, over the
course of that degree I refined the idea some more and then now here I am ready to launch the online platform. I joined the innovation hothouse around April/May time and the support I've received so far has been brilliant. The communication, the emails and the conversations that I've had, they've been really useful to myself and now I'm ready to launch my business. It's actually great to be able to take that support to the next level and being a part of the Festival of Business, It's been really great exposure for me and I'm looking forward to all the future support I'll get from them as well.

I studied at Derby Uni, I studied fashion studies. and on that course we started using some software. A lot of people found it really tricky and then eventually that's that's why I started my business. I applied for one of the business support schemes that the university ran, and that really helped me sort of launch my first tuition service that I started and since then I've become a member of the innovation hot house and they've helped with a peer network, supporting me through the pandemic as well, having someone to talk to. I have engaged with one of their business advisors who has been so, so, so helpful.

Innovation Hothouse video

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