Dr Ovidiu Bagdasar

Dr Ovidiu Bagdasar

Position: Lecturer in Mathematics

College: College of Engineering and Technology

Department: Computing and Mathematics

Subject area: Mathematics

Research Centre: Distributed and Intelligent Systems Centre for Research and Technology Transfer

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Module Leader

  • Computational Mathematics (Level 4 – Computer Science)  
  • Calculus (Level 4, Mathematics) 
  • Modelling with Differential Equations (Level 6 - Mathematics) 
  • Optimization (Level 7, MSc Computational Mathematics)

Programme Leader: MSc Computational Mathematics

Maths&Computing: Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator

Placement Tutor: Mathematics students (2012-). 

Motto: "All what is correct thinking is either mathematics or feasible to be transposed in a mathematical model." (G. Moisil 1906 - 1973)

Professional interests

  • Discover new Mathematical results 
  • Communicate Mathematics to a wider audience 
  • Use research to transform the student experience
  • Inspire students to engage and improve their performance 
  • Use emerging technologies to transform learning, teaching and assessment
  • Develop national and international partnerships for research and student mobility (e.g. Erasmus+)
  • Generate results with significant theoretical and applicable implications
  • Develop a research team to work on Recurrences and Optimization

Research interests

  • Recurrent sequences and their applications 
  • Counting problems and Combinatorics
  • Optimisation and Convex Analysis 
  • Mathematical Inequalities
  • Mathematical modelling 

Membership of professional bodies


  • AMS - American Mathematical Society - Member
  • KMS - Korean Mathematical Society
  • SSMR - Romanian Mathematical Society
  • IMA  - Institute of Mathematics and its Applications - Member  
  • Fellow of HEA - Higher Education Academy


  • Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Integer Sequences
  • Editor for the Octogon Mathematical Magazine, Romania
  • Member of CDAM and DISYS research groups at the University of Derby.
  • External collaborator of the Analysis and Optimization Research Group, UBB Cluj, Romania


  • 2012 – 2013: PG Cert HE, University of Derby
  • 2012 - Post-graduate Research Supervisor
  • 2007 – 2015: PhD, Pure Mathematics, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca, RO
  • 2007 – 2011: PhD, Applied Mathematics, University of Nottingham, UK
  • 2007 – 2010: EST Marie Curie Fellow, University of Nottingham, UK
  • 2006 – 2007: MSc (distinction), Real and Complex Analysis (10/10)
  • 2002 – 2006: BSc Hons (1st), Mathematics, UBB, Cluj, RO (9.97/10)
  • QTS: July 2006- Present (Qualified Mathematics Teacher, all levels) 

Recent publications


Journal articles

Conference papers

  • O. B. and M. Chen, A Horadam-based Pseudo-random number generator, Proceeding of UKSim-AMSS 16th (2014).
  • M. Trovati and O. B., Influence Discovery in Semantic Networks: An Initial Approach, Proceeding of UKSim-AMSS 16th (2014).
  • O. B., Using Computer Tests to Teach Mathematics - A Study Case, 4th International Symposium "Mathematical Education in the Current European Context", Romania (2013). 
  • O. B., The Number of Pairs of Integers with the Same lcm, 3rd International Symposium "Mathematical Education in the Current European Context", Romania (2012).

Recent conferences

Invited lectures and seminars

  1. Mechanics and Astronomy Research Seminar (30 min): "The role of lubrication in cell adhesion: deterministic results and simulations for a simplified theoretical cell model"               
  2. Complex Analysis Research Seminar (30 min): "On the geometric patterns produced by Horadam sequences in the complex plane"                                                                                                                                  
  3. Analysis and Optimization Research Seminar (60 min): Extremal properties of generalized convex vector-valued functions  
  • 7 March 2015: Early Career Mathematicians' Spring Conference, University of Sheffield: How to be happy while solving (other people's) problems 
  • 20 February 2015: TCS Research Group, Loughborough University: "Complex Horadam sequences: periodicity, enumeration and applications"
  • 16 February 2015: Guest Lecture for Subjects in Computer Science, University of Derby: "On the Visualisation of Number Sequences"
  • 22 August 2014: Hanbat National University, South Korea: "Mathematics of beauty: on recurrences and emotions"
  • 30 May 2014: UBB Cluj, Romania, Faculty of Mathematics, Interdisciplinary seminar: "On the Mathematics of beauty"
  • 29 May 2014: UBB Cluj, Romania, Faculty of Mathematics, "On some properties and applications of Horadam sequences"
  • 29 October 2013: Open University Mathematics Seminar, "The geometric patterns of complex Horadam sequences"
  • 26 April 2013: SSMI, "Applied Mathematics: from life to formulas" 

Conference presentations and posters



International experience

New Erasmus+ links:  

1.  Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca, Romania (Mathematics and Computer Science): Erasmus+@UBB  (Dec 2014)

2. "1 DECEMBRIE 1918" University, Romania (Computer Science, Mathematics, Business): Erasmus+@UAB (Dec 2014)

3. Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey (Mathematics): Erasmus+@Bogazici (Nov 2015) 

4. University of Maribor, Slovenia (Mathematics): Erasmus+@Maribor (Dec 2015)

Erasmus+ visits: 

  • March 2015:    UAB Romania, Alba Iulia, Romania
  • May 2015:       UBB Cluj, Romania
  • January 2016: UAB Romania, Alba Iulia, Romania (visited first Erasmus+ Maths student from Derby)

Erasmus+ guests: 

  • May 2015    - Professor Nicolae Popovici - UBB Cluj, Romania 
  • March 2016 - Dr Ioan Lucian Popa, UAB Alba Iulia, Romania
  • May 2016    - Professor Nicolae Popovici - UBB Cluj Romania  



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