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What next...

Important things to do after you’ve confirmed your offer

So you've decided that Derby is the place for you? Great news, exciting times are ahead.

To help you to get organised, here are some things you may want to start thinking about over the next few months.


Where will you live?

If you will need accommodation whilst you're studying with us, you should think about applying for a place in halls or a student house. Find out about the options available.

Remember, if you apply before 31 July we guarantee you a room.


How will you pay for your tuition fees and fund your living costs?

We recommend that you contact Student Finance England as soon as possible. You can get an application form by calling 0845 300 5090 or apply online

You should also get a student bank account so that you can get your loan paid into this once you've applied. 

When it comes to student accounts, many banks offer:

  • a free overdraft facility of up to £3,000
  • a debit card
  • an optional credit card
  • an incentive for joining, such as a student railcard or discount on mobile broadband

To prove you’re eligible for a student account, you’ll need to take your UCAS confirmation letter to the bank with you.

There is lots of useful information on The Student Room website.


Need to get a part-time job?

You can register with our Student Employment Agency as a part-time job can be a great way of coping with student living costs (and looks pretty good on your CV too!).

For flexible work you can fit in around your studying, your students' union is a good starting point.


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