As we enter the 2020/21 academic year, we are all doing so in very unusual circumstances. However, one thing is clear, if we work together, study together, support one another and talk to each other we will all benefit…together.

We are asking our students to commit to the following pledge:

  1. Together with my fellow students, I will follow clear University and Government advice on all aspects relating to the ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19. I recognise that this advice is very likely to change over the year and will ensure I continue to read the information sent to me. I will ensure I am tested if I start to show symptoms of COVID-19. If I do show symptoms, I will follow the guidance to self-isolate

  2. I recognise that I am at a University which celebrates diversity and inclusion. Together we make a vibrant community that is built on respect for one another and creates a safe, tolerant, and friendly environment for all. I understand that this pledge covers the University’s policies and that the University takes any matters of harassment and bullying incredibly seriously through our disciplinary procedures 

  3. A University community is only a successful community when we all come together. I will ensure that I look after my friends, ensure others are not left out and will seek advice when I am concerned about someone. I will respectfully and politely discuss behaviours that I see do not contribute to creating a successful community

  4. I will respect all my fellow students, University and Union of Students' staff and the local community I am a part of as a University of Derby student. I understand together we have a responsibility to be respectful during in this global pandemic and I acknowledge that I will not know everyone’s personal circumstances

By always remaining respectful to others, together we can follow health and safety processes, giving priority to those that may need it even if we cannot always see it.

Together we can do far more.

Students walking by the Multi-Faith Centre

Celebrating you

Our University celebrates diversity and recognises we are all different, with individual talents and needs.

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