Student life this academic year - welcome heroes video transcript

Text on screen reads make it real at Derby. 

A welcome hero wearing a pink t-shirt begins to speak while walking through a corridor on campus...

"Welcome to the University of Derby. We are your welcome heroes and we're super excited to give all our new and returning students a very warm Derby welcome."

We see a welcome hero talking to a student and a birds-eye view of the Kedleston Road campus. 

"We are a group of helpful, supportive and friendly students who've been recruited to help you throughout your first week here at the University."

Another welcome hero sitting in a booth begins to speak...

"So make sure that you follow us on social media @derbyunistudent and check your emails regularly as we'll be sending you updates and information. Also, we've got an online student portal called UDO, where you can find updates on news and events."

We see the UDO platform being demonstrated. Information relating to asymptomatic testing and Covid-19 is displayed. 

"We are putting together a plan of events to make this as social as possible."

We see four students laughing in a common room at their halls of residence. 

"The University and your Union of Students will be hosting a wide range of activities, from debates to socials, these will be both online and on-campus."

We see students at a trampoline park, followed by them grabbing slices of pizza. 

"Students walking to university understand that the first few weeks of university can be scary, daunting and jam-packed but don't worry, we're here to provide you with some extra support. Look out for our pink tops on moving day and your first few weeks, we're here to help you if you have any questions."

One of the heroes shows off the back of their t-shirt which reads 'I'm one of the Welcome Heroes. I'm here to help, ask me anything!' 

The screen fades to black and we see the University logo containing three peaks before the video ends. 

Student life this academic year - welcome heroes video

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