International student life video transcript

I came here and I didn’t know anyone, no friends, didn’t know what to expect.  

The first day I was here, I sat down in a classroom and I was like, what did I get myself into? I don’t understand nothing this man has said. The accents, they all sound like Harry Potter 

I was worrying about being by myself 

I was just worried about living, I mean, you know, just like the cost of living 

and how people will welcome me, how they will react. 

But here in derby people are so friendly, they made us feel settled in very, very fast 

After 3 years of living here I feel like Derby is kind of like my second home it feels like they are just from my country or I’m from here  

It’s a very very friendly, and very personal atmosphere, it’s like, like a big family  

I would recommend the University of Derby because it’s so easy to connect with people and it’s so easy to get the support, to get the opportunities and all you have to do is just want.  

When you live in your home you live with your parents, you rarely can learn how to face the world and you willing to learn how to become more independent, becoming more strong.  

There is a team of professionals here who will welcome you, they will make you feel like your second home so don’t worry, just pack your bags and make a decision and you will enjoy it  

International student life video

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