Withdrawal calendar for University of Derby Online Learning 2023/24

Withdrawal and authorised break from study

The date you withdraw or take an authorised break from study will affect the level of cancellation charges applied and any possible refunds due. It may also affect your student loan (if applicable). Fee adjustments are calculated with reference to the date of withdrawal from the University and cannot be actioned if the withdrawal procedure has not been followed correctly. Tables showing how the adjustment is calculated are shown on this page.

To withdraw or request an authorised break from study, students are required to request this in writing by following the relevant process detailed in UDo.

Please note: if you do not engage with the study materials, the cancellation policy still applies.

Online Autumn and Autumn Through Online

Withdrawal Date Percentage Refund* Percentage Charged
Registration - 01/11/2023 100% 0%
02/11/2023 Onwards 0% 100%

Online Spring and Spring Through Online

Withdrawal Date  Percentage Refund* Percentage Charged
Registration - 01/03/2024 100% 0%
02/03/2024 Onwards 0% 100%

Online Summer and Summer Through Online

Withdrawal Date  Percentage Refund* Percentage Charged
Registration - 01/07/2024 100% 0%
02/07/2024 Onwards 0% 100%

Programmes with an Annual Fee

(Excluding postgraduate research programmes, for online postgraduate research programmes, please refer to the postgraduate research withdrawal calendars)

September Intake

Withdrawal Date Percentage Refund* Percentage Charged
Registration - 02/10/2023 100% 0%
03/10/2023 - 02/01/2024 75% 25%
03/01/2024 - 08/04/2024 50% 50%
09/04/2024 Onwards 0% 100%

* % of total tuition fees due, not amount paid at the time of withdrawal

Authorised break from study

Interrupting your studies (also called taking an authorised break from study) may become necessary if circumstances make it impossible for you to continue studying for a short period of time but you do not wish to permanently withdraw from your course.

Please note: taking an authorised break in study will incur cancellation charges as outlined above.

Students can commence a break no later than one calendar month before the end of teaching on their current modules. Thereafter the exceptional extenuating circumstances process may apply.

You can take a break for up to one academic year. Requests for extended breaks beyond one year can only be approved by a review process initiated by your Academic/Programme Leader.

You must discuss the financial implications with the online learner adviser team by emailing onlinelearning@derby.ac.uk and contact Student Finance England (if applicable) for more information about your funding support.

It is important to remember that students who are taking an authorised break from study are not registered students of the University; you are temporarily suspending your studies. This means that in normal circumstances, you will lose your right of access to certain University facilities, including the library.

If you are in receipt of a postgraduate loan, this will only be met by the Student Loans Company if you are in attendance at the given payment points during the academic year. Please contact them for further information and guidance.

Reducing the rate of study

If you reduce your rate of study from accelerated (two modules per trimester) to standard (one module per trimester), the above cancellation charges still apply.