Your step-by-step guide to induction

Induction for students 2021/22

Step 1

In Blackboard (Course Resources), select “Programmes and Organisations” and click on your programme title.

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Step 2

Click on “Student Induction 2021” in the list of links beneath your programme name.

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Step 3

Select “New Students Induction 2021” if you are a new student, or “Returning Student Induction 2021” if you are a current student returning.

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Step 4

You will find your Week 1 and Week 2 schedules containing all of the information you need during your two-week induction.

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Step 5

The schedule gives you a full breakdown of what days you need to attend, what the session involves, timings and location and how to access the session.

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Step 6

“Self-led Programme Specific Induction Sessions” includes content your lecturer would like you to complete which can be done at your own pace or at designated points in your induction.

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Step 7

“Blackboard Collaborate Ultra” is a platform where many of your online live sessions will be hosted. The link can be found in several locations but you can also use the link in your induction folder. Please note, you can access recorded sessions here also after the live event.

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