Accessing your Induction Schedule video transcript

To access your Induction Schedule, you will first need to click on your Programme title under Programmes and Organisations.

Next, you need to click on Student Induction for the current year.

If you are a new student this year, select New Students Induction, if you are a current student returning, select Returning Students Induction.

Within your relevant folder, you will find a few options. We will begin by finding your Induction Schedule by clicking Induction Schedule Week 1.

The next screen will provide you with an overview of that week, including the dates you have sessions to attend, the times and where the session will take place.

This includes instructions if it is an online session. Please note, some sessions may be self led and can be done in your own time.

Back in the main folder, you will find instructions for week 2 of your induction, as well as a folder containing any self led programme related materials your lecturer
would like you to review as well a link to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for easy access to where many of your online sessions will take place.

Thank you.

Accessing your Induction Schedule video

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