Our students and graduates

Melissa, Joint Honours student

Melissa Hill, Geography and Business Management student

Why did you choose to come to the University of Derby? 

I chose Derby for a couple of reasons. Most of all studying two subjects really appealed to me and the other Universities I’d applied for didn’t offer this. I also felt most at home when I visited Derby on it’s Open Day; for me I just had a gut feeling that Derby was where I wanted to spend my next few years.

Why did you choose to study a Joint Honours course at the University of Derby?

I wasn’t certain what discipline I wanted to specialise in; Geography was a subject I had a passion for since being at school, on the other hand, Business Management was a new area of study, but this appealed to me as I had worked in management before coming to University. I also felt that having two subjects would enhance my employability.

What are the benefits of studying a Joint Honours degree?

I think it helps to make me stand out from my peers; in interviews I always use examples from both my subjects because they’ve given me different experiences – for example, in Business Management I’ve had to do a lot of presentations in front of my class, but in Geography I’ve done a lot more data analysis. Other benefits include having friendship groups in different colleges and having opportunities available from both subjects – ie employability events.

Education Studies students

Amy Jayne Fotheringham Guthrie, Sociology and Education Studies student

Why did you choose to study a Joint Honours course at the University of Derby?

I always loved sociology as a subject and I was interested in education policy. I was fortunate enough to find that Derby allowed me to combine the two courses that I most enjoyed which would make me more employable in Education in the future. Although I would still eventually love to work in Education policy, after becoming a mother I am now looking into teaching. Having Sociology and Education Studies will benefit me when applying for post 14 PGCE courses, as I have knowledge of both my core teaching subject, and education policies and curriculum. 

Do you think your Joint Honours degree makes you/has made you more employable, or will help with your career aspirations?

I think a Joint Honours degree makes me seem more specialised. I am able to compare theories across my subjects and apply them to every day life, whereas other students studying a single discipline will only have that one specific area. 

Would you recommend studying a Joint Honours degree to anyone coming to the University of Derby?

The Joint Honours degree list is so vast at Derby that there would be something for everyone. It also breaks up the year nicely. With 3 Sociology Modules and 3 Education Studies modules, the year seems to go by much quicker instead of having 6 modules in Sociology. I find that through Joint Honours, I have a lot more control of my education.