Dancing by Numbers: Megan's dream course

Our Joint Honours programme gave Megan Hill the chance to study her dream course. She has now graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in Mathematics and Dance and Movement Studies.

Turning heads

Megan’s unusual degree combination means that she is always turning heads and engaging with potential employers. She says: “It’s something else to make you stand out from the crowd. Derby was (and I believe still is) the only place in the country that offers Maths and Dance in the same degree. Because of the way the joint honours scheme is run, I was able to complete my dream course.”

But the uniqueness of the course was not the only benefit Megan gained from coming to Derby. She explains: “My tutors were amazing. I call it guided independence.


A tutor speaking with a student

I was given so many opportunities to push myself and really challenge my ideas. But, at the same time, I knew that, if I fell, there would always be someone there to support me.

Megan Hill
BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Dance and Movement Studies

Working out the balance

While studying, Megan had started to get involved with the Union of Students. Like her Joint Honours course, the Union has both a scientific and creative focus: to best represent the interests of the students, and to ensure their experience is consistently positive. Megan summarises the main reasons on why everyone should get involved with Union activities: “They’ll give you a second family and home away from home where you can meet like-minded people and friends for life.”

Before even graduating, she was elected into her first job – working for the Union as Vice President (Academic Affairs.) The experience allowed her to transition her academic skills into a working environment.

“I found that the most useful skill I learned was how to balance all the various tasks I had to do. As a Joint Honours student I was constantly juggling workloads, so this definitely came in handy.”

Megan puts her improved confidence down to her experience of studying at Derby:

Students working as a group

I can now hold any room I walk into and I feel sure of myself when I’m in a challenging situation.

Megan Hill
BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Dance and Movement Studies

The next step

Megan’s latest move has allowed her to maintain a grasp on both her Joint Honours subjects: she currently works as a research support administrator for the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Nottingham and is also training for her associate qualification to become a qualified ballet teacher.

She’s also looking to the future and how her varied experience to date can help develop the next steps of her career. She says: “At the moment I’m looking at routes into Human Resource Management, so I’m looking at where to study to gain CIPD accreditation, I’ve seen that Derby offer the course part time so that’s definitely on the cards.”