Joint Honours

Two subjects, one degree

A Joint Honours degree gives you the opportunity to study two subjects as one undergraduate degree.

This type of degree will broaden your skill set and enhance your career prospects.

What our students say

Hear from our students about studying Joint Honours at the University of Derby.

Helen, one of our Professional Writing and Film and TV Studies (Joint Honours) students, tells us how the unique course combination gave her the chance to combine her skills with her interests.

Helen Adams, Professional Writing & Film and TV Studies (Joint Honours), tells us how the unique course combination offered at Derby gave her the chance to combine her skills with her interests

Molly Zakra talks about her Joint Honours course in International Relations and Global Development and Third World Development and shares the advantages of studying a Joint Honours degree.

Joint Honours student Molly
Student standing up in a cafe with his arms crossed smiling

My Joint Honours experience

Joint Honours student Tom Berrington explains why he chose to study two different subjects for his degree – and why he believes he made the right choice.

Read more about Tom's Joint Honours journeyRead more about Tom's Joint Honours journey

How does it work?

A Joint Honours degree isn't twice the work because you will study half of each subject, but to the full honours degree depth.

You will typically study your two subjects equally at stage one, before choosing whether you want to major in one subject at stages two and three.

There is one exception to this - if you are combining a subject with Geology and wish to be eligible for accreditation by the Geological Society, you will be required to major in Geology at stage one.

After stage one, you can choose to:

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