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Hello, my name is Dr James Williams, I'm a Senior Lecturer in the Therapeutic Arts at the University of Derby. I'm also the Programme Leader for our undergraduate and integrated master's degrees in Creative Expressive Arts, Health and Wellbeing. Specifically, our degree is applied arts so students will be learning how to use creativity as a tool to help people's wellbeing. Students pursue a range of careers, normally these would be in allied health settings, or community arts settings. Some of our students will also go on to study at postgraduate level studying perhaps Arts Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance Therapy or Drama Therapy. Students engage in a lot of work based learning on the degree, so they'll be out working in the community from their first year of study, supported by members of our Therapeutic Arts academic team. That progresses through the second year and onto their final year placement module. Which is a large module in their final year, students are supported in finding a placement that works best for them, to be able to run arts workshops out in the community. Students develop, not only a range of subject specific skills, such as creative arts techniques and community arts, but also a range of transferable skills which can be useful for their personal and professional growth. Students have access to music rooms, music studios, arts studios, dance and drama spaces. We also have a range of larger classrooms, where students can run their creative arts workshops and then students are also studying in smaller groups and smaller classrooms for their theory and research based sessions.

Students will be taught by members of our Therapeutic Arts team, including Musicians, Artists, Dancers, Arts Therapists, Music Therapists, Drama Therapists, Community Artists and Arts & Health Researchers. The main opportunities that students will have from this degree is really the experiential and the practical side to their learning. But they'll also have the opportunity to develop research skills, to really help them understand the finer details of applied arts for health, and understand how and why their practice can be so beneficial to people in need. So this is a very unique programme and if you're really wanting to explore how you can use the arts to support people with their day to day wellbeing, then this is definitely the programme for you.

Therapeutic Arts - your questions answered! video

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