Nina Cross - teacher training placement video transcript

I'm Nina, I'm on the BEd Primary Education course.
I've been on four placements up untill now, I'm due to complete any time soon.
Uni sort all of our placements out and I actually found out which one I'd be on miles before, so it enabled me to go in to my placement beforehand and meet all of the lovely staff. I felt well equiped going in to the placement, all the staff at uni were very supportive along with the staff at the school as well.
It started off with 50% teaching and then it went up to 80% by the end of it and I had my own class with a TA and it was a real taste of what it will be like in September.
We went on a few community projects, so I took the children to a local residential home and they performed a talk for writing piece, which was a poem and we also did a bhangra dancing workshop too.
I also related my own experiences from a prior placement in Kenya to the classrooms so the children could see the difference in education and it's prepared me for my future in teaching this coming September, and I look forward to what it will bring.

Nina Cross - teacher training placement video

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