Sile's story video transcript

What I loved about the University of Derby was how friendly the people are here. The academic staff, the support staff and even just external people around here are really friendly.

Whilst being at University one of the first societies I got involved in was ACS which is the African Caribbean Society. I'm having fun, we socialise, did different events like Black History Month, where they organised debates between lecturers and students. For me it was really good to see both lecturers and students collaborating together and debating.

The University has helped me find some of these opportunities. The first one and the most important one to me being poetry. Through University and doing poetry I found my voice and I was able to go out and then apply for the job and be confident that I'm able to do it.

I've grown as a person, I've grown more independent, I'm able to stand up for myself and be confident and believe in myself and in what I can achieve.

Sile's story video

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