Justin's story video transcript

I just really love the university feel and it's just really inspired me to do a degree here at the University of Derby. So becoming a student I just felt really excited, like getting your student card, and just getting stuck in with the University.

I think it was just getting through my course that was the main worry but the University - the lecturers, people on my course - they've been really supportive of me. Initially I struggled a bit, like along the way, but there are people who are able to help me, who say "Hey, if you're struggling with this, just come round to mine, the doors are open" and that support has just been really kind of great.

When I first joined the University of Derby I got really excited so I just got stuck in with the opportunities, so it's just helped me to be more confident, to be more bold and it's just helped me to kind of visualise my journey a bit. 

Justin's story video

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