an introduction to FdSc Sport Performance and Analysis video transcript

Hi, my name is Luke Gibson and I'm the Programme Leader for the Foundation Degree in Sport Performance and Analysis and I was just going to talk to you a little bit about our programme. So typically our students go into sport coaching roles, sport development roles, sports science roles, video analysis and we've also had some some students go into teaching, and obviously before  doing that you'd have to top-up on to one of our programmes such as the Performance  Analysis and Coaching Science programme or other related degree programmes. So on the FdSc you'll cover a range of topics around the coaching practice, the coaching process, talent identification, development, sports science, video analysis and professional development.  

So in terms of helping you guys to prepare for your future career, this is probably one of the main the main key features of the degree programme, so each student will get £400 towards their own professional development each academic year, so if you want to go on any other industry courses such as your coaching badges or anything like that, then we give you £400 towards that and there are also numerous work experience opportunities, so again each year each student has to get 200 hours worth of work based learning and work placement experience and again this looks great on your CV and really kind of complements your CV in terms of having your degree programme on there and also having your, hopefully your extra additional industry qualifications on there as well. The facilities that we have available are all the facilities down at the Kedleston Road campus at Derby. So we have the performance centre, it's got the sports hall in it, the strength and conditioning suite, performance analysis suite, and the climbing wall, and also the outdoor pitches as well. So in terms of the key skills that you develop these are typically around your professional development and your capacity to work in professional sport, so we look at making sure that you're equipped to work in such an environment in such a challenging industry, typically looking at your ability to work on your own and take ownership of your learning and development and also using your initiative and problem solving and things like that. So, that's that's my course in a nutshell, if you've got any  other questions that you'd like me to answer then drop me an email at l.gibson


An introduction to FdSc Sport Performance and Analysis video

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