Ruth Ashton - my career in Sport and Exercise Science video transcript

Hi I'm Ruth Ashton and I'm a Lecturer in Exercise  Physiology at the University of Derby. I just thought I'd do a short video to tell you a bit about what I've done since doing my Sport and Exercise Science Undergraduate degree. So I graduated in 2014 and I then went on to do a Masters by research, and it was during my Masters by research that I really developed a love for applying what I've learned during my Sport and Exercise Science degree to more health-based research rather than going down performance through in sport, and after I'd done my masters I stayed on and did a PhD  and this for that ability to be able to apply what I'd learned during my Undergraduate and Masters to health-based research and specifically looking at home-based resistance exercise in men who have recently had surgery for prostate cancer and it was all looking at how to reduce some of the side effects that they may be experiencing, and improve their quality of life, and get them back to doing what they were doing before the surgery a little bit quicker.  

After I did my PhD I went to work at Liverpool heart and chest hospital for two years and I was based within the research and innovation department there and within that time I was able to work on numerous cardiology clinical trials and really broaden my skillset really to look at  all sorts of different things that I've never really looked up for, or been exposed to during my academic life. I then joined the University of Derby only last April and we've been looking at all the physiology modules that do incorporate some health lectures and we're hoping over the next couple of years to have a really good balance of health-based lectures and performance-based lectures, so you as students get a really broad overview of what you can do with a Sport and Exercise Science degree and specifically within physiology. So, thank you for listening and hopefully see you all soon!

Ruth Ashton - my career in Sport and Exercise Science video

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