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So I've been at the University of Derby for four years before doing my postgraduate degree. I did undergrad degree in journalism. I came to the UK for many different reasons and I chose particular Derby because they had a very good journalism course. The city seemed friendly enjoyable, like a very easy accessible city and it wasn't actually until my first week at the campus, when I found out about volleyball program which really was a big bonus and reassured me about my decision of choosing University of Derby. I've got a lot of support from Donna who's my lifestyle coach to help balance my academic and sport, so she helped me with timetabling and goal setting and just getting settled into university but now I'm more organised and more independent and I believe I am where I should be. Strength and conditioning has been vital because I haven't done much of it before so having supportive coaches and lots of people around you who know what they're doing to help advice has been great. The programs are specific to our sport and within that our specialism within the sport and I've already seen massive
benefits from it as the first BUCCS race I won which I wasn't expecting so
it's really good. I find it extremely important and and very good here to be fair the environment here is perfect we got a great coach, John McGrath, who has been into football, he's been professional football player so you can't want anyone else because it's the person that's been there and wants to motivate you and can help you a lot and the pitches are are perfect all the facilities here.
Yes I would recommend other elite athletes to study at Derby mainly because there's so much support on all platforms never really
experienced that before, also one of my lecturers I was so close with her that she would help me with other classes that she had no business
or interest in. I think the key to a university student here, scholar specifically, especially if you're international would be to really make
friends make a lot of friends especially other international friends you guys can study together and work together and if you play the same sport you can train together. Just be social and find somebody to do something with on weekends you really have to find time to spend with other people make it worth it. My goal for future of the program is to just keep making the squad stronger and stronger we've recently become Premier League champions with the women's team and the men's team came third in the Premier League, we want to try and stabilise this and keep building the program from strength to strength.

Performance Sport at Derby video

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