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Hello, my name is Sara and I'm a mature level 6 student studying Psychology single honours at the University of Derby. I'd like to share a few things that were very important to me while studying here. First one was support with language. English is my second language but I can honestly say the beginnings are hard for everyone, not just foreign students, you all will be learning a new language - the academic language. You might feel a little bit overwhelmed at the beginning but don't worry you will get used to it very quickly and you will be supported and guided by experts in their field.

Another important thing for me was research. One of the greatest things about psychology is research. University of Derby offers its students an opportunity to do so and practice this. It is called the Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme where students can either support or lead a research study. You will be working closely with lecturers and see what a real psychological study looks like. Some people are even able to publish their findings too.

Another important aspect of studying at the University is employment. The psychology department holds regular workshops with guest speakers from a wide range of psychological background so this is a fantastic way you can dip your fingers in it and ask the professionals themselves, not just academic questions but about their experiences, what they like about the job, what they don't like, so you can create a slight idea about what you would like to or not like to do in the future.

Now I would like to talk about my favourite modules. I'm one of those people who can get excited about a large variety of topics, however my top three favourite modules were Biological Psychology, the Family Health Across the Lifespan and the Clinical Applications of Psychology. Biological Psychology was one of my favourite modules because during the workshops we were able to learn how to use eye tracking devices, we're learning how to use electroencephalogram which enables people to measure and track electrical activity in the brain. We also use the electrocardiogram and watching how the heart rate changes when people experience different emotions. It was absolutely fantastic throughout the whole 12 weeks of the semester we're able to do so many different tools and it was a real hands-on experience of how to measure certain psycho physiological responses.

Sara Slamkova's video

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