BA (Hons) Professional Policing (Accelerated) video transcript

Hi I'm Rich Stapleford I'm a Chief inspector within Nottinghamshire police and I'm really proud to be working with the University of Derby in providing this brand new fast track two-year degree in professional policing. Now the degree programme itself is special for many reasons but one of the key benefits is that it enables you as a student to access policing within two years. It also gives you the opportunity to become a special counsel with Nottinghamshire police and our chief constable has made it absolutely clear that if you pass your degree and if you achieve the highest standards that we set for you as a special constable that'll get you onto a fast track entry route into Nottinghamshire police as a minimum, you'll bypass the initial stage of our local recruitment process so your application journey will be supported by people like myself and other colleagues from Nottinghamshire police. Now another key benefit of doing this programme is that you'll receive the same classroom-based training as our front-line police officers in the first year of their training school and you'll also access some world-class resources and that includes a fantastic teaching team who between them have got in excess of 250 years of operational policing experience so I'm really confident that you'll have access to all the skills or the advice or the knowledge or the guidance that you need to succeed on the programme. The university's got some world-class resources so they've got a replica crown court and they've got a mock-up custody suite which I'm in now. So whether you're on the knowledge only route or the specialist route, you will get the opportunity to practice in a safe and comfortable environment. Now the programme's got two entry points, one in January, one in September and the beauty of that is that it gives you additional opportunity and great flexibility to make that decision in terms of when you want your policing career to start. In terms of what you can expect to study within this it's exactly the same as a three-year degree but it's delivered over two years so there's 17 modules to study in the three-year degree there's 17 modules within the two-year degree. You can develop the same skills as a front-line police officer will, so you'll be undertaking arrests you'll be providing the initial actions at serious incidents, I'd say you'll be arresting people you'll be interviewing people, you'll be questioning people but also in addition to that you'll be learning the theoretical concepts behind policing and all the aspects that that entails. Now I've got 26 years’ worth of operational experience all for Nottinghamshire police and I'm really passionate and committed to this brand new fast track 2-year degree. I now find myself in a fortunate position where I can start to influence the next generation of police officers and I really think that if we're to actually successfully negotiate some of the increasingly important challenges that face the 21st century policing we've got to be in a position where we can recruit the best candidates and I genuinely believe that this new fast-track two-year degree that's being offered by the University of Derby puts us in a perfect position to do exactly that.

BA (Hons) Professional Policing (Accelerated) video

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