a day in the life of a dance student video transcript

Welcome to Deda, I am a third year student studying BA (Hons) Dance. If you'd like to follow me round and I'll show you some of the facilities. So this is studio one and it was purpose built for this degree it's where we do most of our lessons, which are a mixture of technique rehearsals, we've got acro and aerial in there on a Tuesday we do have other studios for rehearsals, but primarily this is our main studio. This is our upstairs gallery, it changes every quarter and a lot of students have actually taken inspiration for their choreography up here dance movements and technique they've also taken, for example and it leads down to our other studio, studio three.

So, there is a class in here at the moment and they are doing choreography, so I'll just show you. So, this is the Cube cafe and it's mainly where we buy most of our food for our lunches really healthy food, which is great for energy for dancing throughout the day. And this is our common room, this is where all three years basically relax together on our breaks eat our lunches, we have access to wifi, University of Derby books anything from the library, we can get. So thank you for following me around Deda and I hope you got a sense of what we do here at The University of Derby on our dance course

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