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Students take on eye-opening placement in China

Work placements can give an exciting extra dimension to your course – particularly if you find yourself in China! That's where our Outdoor students Ross Carmody and Conor Morey went to work and they found it added an exotic element to their studies.

The great outdoors

Conor and Ross secured their placement at an outdoor centre in China through academic connections with a village in the east of the country. The pair, studying Outdoor Leadership and Coaching, found that their placement was varied and, at times, demanding.

“We delivered outdoor sessions to international schools as well as locals,” explains Conor. “The activities included gorge walking, hiking, paddleboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding and abseiling."

They also went trekking to scout out sites for future gorge walks and hikes, looking for suitable camping spots for groups as they went. “It was a very new experience,” says Ross. “But it was very eye-opening to see the preparation that goes into running an activity week.”

Ross Carmody China Case Study
Conor Morey in China

Something extra

Both students felt they learned much more than simply the practical skills. Conor explains: “Our trip to China was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in search of new places that could be used for adventurous activities. However, what we got out of it was so much more.

“The people we met and the experiences we had were so inspiring and taught us so much that they not only left us with big smiles but also a bigger and better outlook on anything that life may throw at us.

“I now have a network of contacts in China for potential future work. And the language barrier helped me to improve my communication skills when working with clients and other staff members."

Ross adds: "It gives you a deeper insight into your own skills and weaknesses as you are put into all sorts of different situations. You need to be positive and easy going – there were lots of times when we were let down last-minute. You need to take this in your stride and make the most of your time.”

Our Outdoor students go on a work placement to an adventure centre in China
Mountain Biking

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