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Pete: Let's go and see Samantha. With another piece of equipment, the baby, is moving.

Samantha: It is.

Pete: Tell us about this.

Samantha: This is an incubator, and I think of it as providing a safe controlled environment, to give a baby the support it needs, at that time. It might be that the born prematurely, and they need to kind of grow and develop, and they need some more oxygen, they need to be kept in a very warm environment. This also allows them to be protected from bacteria and viruses, which obviously can be very dangerous for small babies. It might be the baby was born with a heart defect and needed surgery and they might be nursed in this until they recover.

Pete: Wow, wow, okay. So I didn't mention that you are a lecturer clearly, on the nursing programme, what’s your background in nursing?

Samantha: Well, before we came into lecturing, I worked in the Children's Intensive Care. And it was a unit that's specialized in sort of cardiology, and children that were born with heart defects. So that was a right through from babies, up to teenagers and young adults. 

Pete: Okay, so obviously you've experienced all of this in the real world, and then we're here in a safe environment and a simulated world. How do they compare?

Samantha: Yeah, that's one of the things, obviously the University of Derby is kinda known for it simulated environments, the student nurses get to kinda use things like these incubators helps prepare them before they go out into the clinical placements, and it replicates the reading environment, but it's safe. They can practice, they can learn, not just only the equipment, but how you actually look after a child that needs this equipment. 

Pete: Sure, absolutely, absolutely. So tell me a little bit about the nursing, the Children's Nursing Programme here at the university?

Samantha: So it's a three-year BSc Honours Degree in Children's Nursing. It's a modular programme, they get a wide variety of opportunities to learn the knowledge and skills that they need to pursue a career in nursing once they successfully finished the programme.

Pete: Fantastic, and the statistics are actually going on to employment working at Derby and then going on to employment, the statistics are absolutely stunning. And Samantha, how often do students get to be hands-on with all of this amazing equipment?

Samantha: Yeah, well, within the variety of modules that study on the program, there are Clinical Skills Modules where they would come into our simulated environments and practice using these, the variety equipment. 

Pete: Fantastic, so available all the time, wonderful. Samantha, thank you very much for chatting with us.

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