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Hi, my name is Theresa Critchlow and my job title is I'm the BSc programmer leader for Children's Nursing and I am a pediatric nurse but I teach on all of the stages of nursing for the BSc and on the MSC. So this course is for anybody that wants to pursue a career in children's nursing and the opportunities for you once you are a registered children nurse is vast, so you can work in community settings such as schools, health visiting, respite palliative care or you can work in the hospital in acute wards, in emergency departments, in theatres, so the opportunity is endless really. Students should study this course at Derby because regionally we are very well respected for the calibre of students that we provide the opportunities of where you get to go for placements because we're very central you get to go for a lot of placements different areas. The benefits of studying this programme here at the University of Derby are that you get to choose in your second year your method of assessment and also the way you study so the negotiated module and also that you get to study alongside some of your four disciplines so you're learning disability, mental health, child and adult all together and you have collaborative learning in that respect which is really positive and also the opportunity for a potential elective placement. The placements for this programme are half and half split so the requirement to become a registered nurse requires you to do 2 300 hours worth of placement across the three years. We at Derby university split that throughout the first second and third year so we do blocks of placement and then theory. The placements available to you are a lot of our tier-one two and three hospitals so we have major trauma hospitals we have our district general hospitals and we also have our local hospitals such as Derby Royal that we will use. We also in children's nursing access health visiting school nursing and education provision so that we can learn about the normal child so that then we can identify what's not normal. Students will learn a variety of skills not only clinical skills but non-clinical skills and I think they are the fundamentals of a children's nurse so communication, therapeutic play, risk assessment, how you can make somebody feel comfortable in your presence and encourage them to comply and agree to what their outcomes need to be so making them have a positive impact on their own health and well-being. Here at Derby, we are a really friendly teaching team we are there for our students to get the best from them, we want to support them and guide them in a career that we are all very passionate about. I really love nursing because I am very privileged to play a part in somebody's life when they need help at the most crucial time that for me providing somebody with a smile or easing their pain or just even making them feel listened to is a real real privilege.

Children's Nursing - your questions answered! video

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