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My name is Stephen Reddish, I'm a lecturer in Adult Nursing here at the University of Derby. So the Adult Nursing course is a three-year degree course, it prepares you to be a practising nurse at the end of the three years, with an NMC registration and you can go into work in a range of settings following qualification. It could be a hospital-based setting or a community setting, NHS or private. This course is approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Counsel's Future Standards, so all learning on this course is completely relevant and up to date. This course is for anyone who wants to make a difference. It's for anyone who wants to be a nurse, that's got an interest in helping people.

You can go onto do a range of different careers following this in nursing, from working at the level of a doctor, diagnosing and prescribing to working in a community, helping individual people in their own homes. So this course consists of 50% academic time in the classroom, learning about the theory of nursing and clinical skills in a safe classroom environment. And 50% of your time out on placement in the real world, dealing with real patients. So in terms of placements on this course, you could be given a wide variety of placement experiences.

You could be working in a very acute setting in a hospital in either a medical or surgical field. You could be working in a community with the community nurses or in a GP surgery or in a minor injuries unit, or you could be even in the private or voluntary sectors as well. So this gives you a wide variety of nursing experience to help you decide where you want to take your career after qualifying.

So there are many skills to be learnt on this course. But ultimately what you'll be learning is the theory of clinical skills and nursing theories in a classroom you'll then have the chance to consolidate those skills in a safe environment in simulation, where you'll learn from each other as well as from the lecturers.

That will then give you the confidence to take that forward into practice. So we have a six-bedded NHS mock ward, which is an identical replica to an NHS hospital ward.

[Lecturer and students using the child incubator in the mock-ward at the University of Derby.]

[Lecturer and students experiencing the immersive simulation suite, tending to a dummy patient in a simulated environment.]

[Lecturer talking with a dummy patient being tended to in the background within the immersive simulation suite, currently simulating a hospital environment.]

[Lectuer demonstrating the equipment to monitor key readings within the Immersive simulation suite.]

It's laid out in exactly the same way so it feels like you are in that setting to give you the confidence of dealing with real-life situations that can be mocked in a clinical, safe setting. Within the mock ward, we've got high tech dummies which can speak to you and breath, to simulate patients to give you that confidence of patient contact.

We also have the immersive simulation suite which will replicate any real-life situation such as the back of an ambulance or a patient's living room to make you feel like you're in that setting with the sights and sound would expect. So on this course, you'll be taught by a team of outstanding clinical lecturers with a wealth of experience across many different clinical settings.

What I think sets Derby apart from other universities is its top-quality teaching, supportive staff here, I think are second to none, the knowledgeable lectures that teach this course, and the world-class facilities available at Derby as well.

Adult Nursing - your questions answered! video

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