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Hello, I'm Dr Sabuj Mallik. I'm the Head of Discipline for Engineering and I'm a Mechanical Engineer from my background. I also specialise in materials and manufacturing engineering. So the courses that we have within the mechanical and motorsports engineering are mainly BEng Honours in Mechanical Engineering and BEng Honours in Motorsport Engineering. Both also have options of foundation year and placement year. I would start with Derby itself which is known for engineering as a sort of place where we have very good connections with a number of well-known industries, multinational industries, like Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, Toyota. So they are at our doorstep and we have very good links with those companies which makes our students, a very good opportunity for them to network as well.

So in terms of the facilities that we have within the engineering discipline, they are state-of-the-art facilities in terms of what students have access to. So you can see around here this is our Motorsports Engineering workshop with a lot of race cars, engines, engine dyno, there are lots of measurement devices as well.

Similarly, for all our engineering students, there is a dedicated machine shop, the materials lab, fluid dynamics lab, thermal fluids lab, the composites manufacturing lab. You do have access to all the electronics labs as well. So there are plenty of facilities for students to benefit from during their studies. We offer not just the degree itself but much more than that. So in addition to the technical skill sets that they get, the students do also get the opportunity to develop their problem-solving skills, communication skills, team working skills. So all these are really valuable for industries when it comes to employment. So if you are thinking of studying motorsports and mechanical engineering, Derby is the best place in terms of giving you the exposure to real-world problems solving.

You will get lots of hands-on experience in doing an engineering degree and there are lots of opportunities for you to volunteer, for you to get engaged in extracurricular activities. So we offer many student competitions like Formula Student, IMechE Design Challenge. So you will get plenty of opportunities to learn outside your lecture and your tutorials and practicals. The students should expect, in terms of their engineering programs in mechanical and motorsports engineering, to learn from world-class academics and the technicians that we have here. Some of our academics are involved in industrial research with lots of knowledge transfer projects. So they bring in the examples and the cutting-edge technology that they see in the industry into the teaching.

So our Mechanical Engineering students do end up in careers in aerospace engineering, for example, automotive engineering, in the energy sector, in construction industries, in biomedical engineering, in food industries, in railway engineering. And so the wide variety of options for them. In Motorsports Engineering, similarly, they also have quite a few options. I do know from experience the Motorsports Engineering students do love to go into Motorsports industries where they can get involved in the design, make, testing of race cars for example and they also can go straight into the race events as race engineers. So there are plenty of opportunities, quite exciting ones really, for motorsports engineers

Mechanical and Motorsport Engineering - your questions answered! video

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