Mathematics - your questions answered video transcript

Hi, I'm Dr Nicholas Korpelainen. I am a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, here at the University of Derby. I'm also the Programme Leader for the Mathematics Scheme. A mathematics course is for anyone with a natural curiosity or passion for problem solving. Or you are just interested in the theory of computer science, or just interested in some mathematical theorems. It's for anyone with a natural curiosity for the subject. So we have a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, and it comes with two pathways. Mathematics pathway, and Computing pathway. So the difference is that, in the Computing pathway, it's half Mathematics and half Computer Science. So we offer full time, part time versions and also one with a foundation year. So Mathematics offers a very open-ended and general skillset. So, by studying Mathematics, you could embark on a journey in many different kinds of careers, machine learning, AI, big data, data science, and lots of kinds of careers: car manufacturing, teaching and so on. Logical thinking skills are very sought after by employers. The University of Derby is one of the key partners of a Canadian technology company called Vretta. And they are one of the major players in digital learning in the mathematics in the world. So they provide numeracy skill training courses which benefit the wider community in terms of mathematics. But also our students are able to benefit from that. So we have online exams, and automatic marking, and many innovative tools that can be used within our learning. So students should expect a fun time. So we have some amazing mathematical problems that will surprise students, and they'll learn new ways of thinking, and also a good challenge. So if you enjoy getting stuck into a problem and investigating it, like a kind of Sherlock Holmes of mathematics, this is the place for you.

So we offer many kinds of volunteering and placement opportunities. So first of all, the students could become PAL assistants, so that's Peer Assisted Learning. And we have partnerships with local schools. So students could go over the summer for a placement and teach a class of secondary school students. Students will have the opportunity to take part in some research that the staff are doing. So we bring research into the classroom and we invite students to take part in some of our conferences that we arrange every few years. All of the experience gained by students in the Mathematics course at University of Derby, means that the students are well placed to go into the job market and conquer whatever their discipline of choice is.

Mathematics - your questions answered video

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