Barbora Horackova internship video video transcript

Hello my name is Barbora and I work as a Digital Media Producer at the University of Derby in the Department of Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

This role was created so students could work in partnership with University staff to produce high-quality media materials, to support learning and teaching across the University.

Being a Digital Media Producer is amazing. I love it because it's so diverse. I do script writing, organising, filming editing, sound recording, the list goes on. Sounds cool doesn't it, but it's not just that.

Part of my job is also training and mentoring. Let's say that I apply my ideas and skills to projects, but I also learn new things and can learn how everything works in practical situations, and guess what office where I work no words are needed that is heaven.

It is not that I just improve my skills but this job experience has also shaped my personality. Those types of experiences can change the students life as this one has changed mine.

Barbora Horackova internship video video

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