Health, Social and Community Work - your questions answered! video transcript

Hi my name's Fran Fuller, I'm Head of Social and Community Studies here at the University of Derby and within our area we have social work, youth and community work, health and social care and child, family health and wellbeing.
There are five programmes in the subject area three of the programmes are professionally regulated, social work, postgrad and undergrad, youth work undergrad. These are the programmes where students who come to university become professionally qualified social workers and youth workers.
The other two programmes we offer are for health and social care and child family health and wellbeing and these are mainly for people who maybe are not quite sure which career pathway they want to follow, would like to do a degree that would enable them to then go on to do a postgraduate in nursing, in social work, in youth work or any other sphere within the health and social care field.
We cover areas of youth work social work and health and social care so that enables people who have that degree to work with people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, people with that are in residential care and also for child family health and wellbeing we work with people who have health needs and with children and families predominantly.
So all of the programmes offer placement opportunities, we have a dedicated placement director who seeks and sources all of the placements for the students on the programmes. They differ in terms of how long they are out on  placement depending on which programme they're on but we have placements available across the local area, across the region, across the UK and we also have some international placements as well. We have placements in local hospitals, in social services, in residential care, in schools and if we go further afield if we look at our European  
placements we have two or three placements that are sited in the voluntary sector so working with people that are without homes, people that  are in need of services, children and families is quite a high focus for many of the placements that we offer.
It's important to do a placement because some of the placements require that experience for their qualification but also it's important to be able to take the theory that the students have learnt in the classroom and take that into practice and be able to make that jump and that leap between theory to practice.
All of our staff are practitioners and qualified professionals and have come from many different areas of practice - health visitors, nurses, youth workers, social workers and some have come from the teaching background as well.
The benefits of this is that we have real practitioners in the classroom that can relate real stories to the students and they can make the connection between theory and practice.


Health, Social and Community Work - your questions answered! video

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