Interview information

The University is not conducting any face to face interviews at present. Alternative arrangements, where applicable, are currently being decided by the individual programme teams. Please do not attend the University campuses for an interview.

If you have been invited to an interview, you will shortly receive an email with the next steps.

BA (Hons) Applied Social Work Interview Information

Your interview experience is an exciting opportunity for you to demonstrate your passion for the course you are applying for.

The selection process is in two parts: Stage 1 and Stage 2.

The information process is the same for all students. As this is a professional programme and linked to NHS Bursaries (except International) and as such ALL stages are graded.

It is very important you read all the information presented here and follow the instructions where required.

Interview Selection Process

The selection process will include:

  • Social Work Admissions Presentation. Please take the time to watch this briefing about the course
  • Stage 1 selection process request you to complete a piece of written work based on an article. This is a written test (See Written Test and Article details below)
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to complete this written test and will have 7 days from the date of the email letter to complete this work and return it to the email provided
  • If you are unsuccessful at stage 1, you will be informed and some feedback may be provided
  • If you are successful in stage 1 you will be invited via email letter to the Formal Interview - Stage 2. You will need to download and send a Social Work Reference Form Template to

Stage 1 - Written Test and Article

Applicants will be required to read an article and then submit a written test within 7 days* of the date of the letter.

*Please note: this date is monitored: if you do not return within the time allowed you will be withdrawn from the application process and will be unable to progress. 

The main points of the written exercise are for candidates to evidence:

  • A good command of written English/good literacy skills
  • Understanding of social work
  • Potential for critical and analytical thinking
  • Intellectual ability

Those marking the written test will be grading your input using the above criteria. 

Candidates will be notified of decisions as soon as possible; an invite to Stage 2: The Formal Interview or a withdrawal email letter.

Suggestions and additional information to aid learning and understanding:

  1. Social Work England
  2. The Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) for Social Work
  3. Skills for Care
  4. Community Care
  5. The British Association of Social Workers (BASW)
  6. Knowledge and Skills for Child and Family Social Work (PDF)
  7. Knowledge and Skills for Working with Adults

Stage 2 - Formal Interview (Format)

Interviews will be conducted using Microsoft Teams. 

Before the interview

  • Important: you must make sure you have accepted the Stage 2 Formal Interview
  • Candidates will need access to a computer/device which is able to access teams and the internet
  • Candidates will need access to a camera and microphone that are working (we need to see and hear you)
  • Candidates need a quiet space to talk freely
  • Candidates may wish to disclose personal information as part of the interview process; the environment must meet confidentiality expectations (no-one else in the room/space)

What we expect from you on the day

You will be expected to have some understanding of the following key issues on the interview day: 

  • Social work – an understanding of some of the concepts and definitions of social policy and legislation and how these might relate to social work practice 
  • Social issues – recent media coverage of some issues which may have an impact on social work practice 
  • Attitudes and values – an awareness of your personal attitudes and values and how these might influence your future social work practice 

You need to have a willingness to share your thoughts and feelings about personal experiences in the interview process. 

It is expected that you will have accessed the material in the links to support your discussion.

Making an impression

Remember you are attending an interview for a place on a professional programme and should dress in a manner that is appropriate to the course which you are applying for.

What happens on the day: Stage 2 Formal Interview

  • Formal Interview (40 minutes)
  • You will be asked 6 questions and will be assessed by the selection panel. 
  • Interviews will be restricted to 40 minutes and will be halted if they run over time. You will be given a few minutes' warning before your time runs out.

Grading Criteria

Your panel will grade your interview question responses using the following criteria -

Ability to evidence:

  • Positive values and attitudes
  • Reflective ability
  • Awareness and understanding of social inequality and disadvantage
  • Self-awareness
  • Potential to change
  • Understanding of social work
  • Emotional resilience
  • That they can draw on own past experience (e.g. work, personal life, placements).
  • Understanding of professional authority
  • Respect for others
  • Intellectual ability (i.e. readiness for study)
  • Good communication Skills
  • To show a good awareness that you have followed the interview process in relation to accessing material and the briefing, arranging on time and being prepared for the interview

Any special requirements?

Please let us know if you require any reasonable adjustments, particularly if you have any disability or special needs, to help us to assist you in the interview process, eg any access or communication issues.

Is the interview day compulsory?

Yes. You will need to attend the interview before we can make you an offer on the programme.

What happens if I am running late on the day?

We know that delays are sometimes unavoidable so, if you are running late on the day, please contact us as soon as you are able to and let us know your estimated arrival time. If necessary, we can tell you any alternate arrangements for your interview. In some instances, if you expect to be significantly late, we may suggest you book for a different date.

Can I visit the halls/campus?

Come onto a campus tour and get a real feel for life here. You will have an opportunity to look around, see our facilities and chat to current students and staff. If you are unable to visit the university in person, you can chat online to our students, visit To book your campus tour or to find out more visit:

You can also take a Virtual Tour of our campuses and halls of residence.

And finally…

Should you have any questions, or if you require any reasonable adjustments to attend the interview, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone: +44 (0)1332 591167 or email: