Geology Undergraduate Courses

According to radiometric dating, Earth was formed 4.54 billion years ago.

Since that time, it has flourished to become one of the only known astronomical objects on which life has been detected - but how has it adapted over these years and what does its future hold?

We're in the process of developing new and exciting, future-focused courses in gesocience. Keep checking this page for the latest updates. In the meantime, take a look at some of the latest news within the School of Built and Natural Environment.

Our expert teaching team are involved in a diverse range of research, which is carried out within the University's Environmental Sustainability Research Centre which aims to address local, national and global goals for sustainable development, environmental understanding and clean growth. 

Their wide-ranging work includes research into:

Latest Research

coastal scenery in Ghana

How climate change affects coastal areas

Our research aim is to help people living in coastal communities in Ghana find strategies to cope with environmental change, such as sea level rises, erosion, and plastic pollution.

Find out more about our research in GhanaFind out more about our research in Ghana
diver swimming by corals

How we're helping corals survive

Our Aquatic Research Facility is carrying out work across the globe to make coral reefs more resilient in the man-made afflictions such as pollution and climate change.

Find out more about our coral reef research Find out more about our coral reef research
sustainable house which was built with the help of our architecture students

Building Sustainability

A "truly sustainable" house, built with breathable walls and an "earth tube" for heating, has been built near Derby with the help from a team from our Architecture programme.

Find out more about the "truly sustainable" house projectFind out more about the "truly sustainable" house project
a piece of glacier ice

Finding signs of life deep inside glaciers

Our microbiology researchers have dug deep into the ice at the bottom of glaciers to find out what is living inside – or whether there is life there at all.

Find out more about our microbiology research in glaciersFind out more about our microbiology research in glaciers
Side-on portrait of a young student with purple bokeh lights in the background

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