Geology Undergraduate Courses

According to radiometric dating, Earth was formed 4.54 billion years ago.

Since that time, it has flourished to become one of the only known astronomical objects on which life has been detected - but how has it adapted over these years and what does its future hold? If questions like this fill you with wonder, start your journey of discovery with us.

Our geology courses prepare you for a rewarding future exploring, producing and managing the Earth's resources. We’ll give you a broad perspective, with fieldtrips in the UK and overseas that will help bring your geology studies to life.

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As part of my course, I went on a fieldtrip to the Pacific Northwest, USA. The highlight of the trip was the three days spent on Mount St Helens. Nothing beats seeing the geology you study at a desk, out in the real world.

Megan Hopkins
Geology with Environmental Hazards (Joint Honours) graduate
95%overall satisfaction - BA (Hons) Geology**National Student Survey 2018
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Specialist Facilities

We've invested in our facilities so that you can develop your practical skills in realistic environments. 

What our Geology graduates do

Career opportunities open to graduates include:

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