BA (Hons) Media Production (top-up) showreel video transcript

[Media Production Showreel]

Shot of our Markeaton Street campus.


Students working in our film studio.

[Countless opportunities]

[Derby Uni Media Production]

A student working on an editing desk.

A student doing a cartwheel.

An eye blinking.

A close up shot of an arcade computer game.

Footage of a young boy.

Footage of students setting up with bright stage lighting.

Footage of a theatre production.

A band playing while confetti is shot around them.

A man speaking into a microphone.

An orchestra playing.

A sculpture.

A tree covering in fairy lights.

Various shots of students filming and interacting.

[Royal Television Awards, Midlands Student Awards 2020, BBC Birmingham, FILM Birmingham, University of Worcester logos]

A person getting a tattoo. [inked]

Students speaking to camera as part of a student LGBTQ+ project:

‘Bi boy’

‘It’s a phase’

‘Switch hitter’

‘Make your mind up’

‘Gay boy’


‘You just like guys, get over it.’

‘Hot bi babe’

‘Anything, I mean the other week someone shouted me in the middle of the street no matter how much makeup you wear, you’re still never going to be a woman.’

Footage of a person meditating in a garden.

‘Breathe in, and breathe out. Less and less consciousness and universe breathes through one’s body. Nature pulsates through one’s breathing.’

[And the winner is… Inked, Alex Bridgewood]

‘But there can only be one winner, and so congratulations to everybody else. I thought your films were very, very good.


Footage of the SoFood platform, with a recipe for a sushi burrito.

[Go Explore] A front cover of a Go Explore magazine.

[Dubai edit magazine spread]

Shots of various student designed magazines.

[Boho coffee] Footage of student designed marketing materials.

‘It’s either this or a home’

Footage of a carnival, a dj, a boxer, a person playing the drums, an eye blinking, a mic live sign, students in a radio suite, students filming with cameras, students speaking into microphones.

[Media Production]

A band playing in a studio.

Footage from a student made film. [RTS Winner Drama 2020]

[Rams TV] footage of a Derby scarf, Pride Park stadium full of fans, players walking out of the tunnel, forensic scientists working on a crime scene, confetti falling from the ceiling, a woman singing.

[Enshi Yulu is the only steamed green tea which has survived from the history of China]

Footage of fields [You only pick the bud. The liquor, the phyllotaxis and the tea should be green. It smells to pure and the aftertaste can stay last for a long time.]

[RTS Winner Best Factual and Camera Work 2016] Footage of a classroom.

[University of Derby, Media Production]


BA (Hons) Media Production (top-up) showreel video

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