Derby Achievement Scholarship - terms and conditions

What is the Derby Achievement Scholarship?

The Derby Achievement Scholarship is an award made to support a student's education. The Derby Achievement Scholarship is awarded based on academic achievement of the student. 

Courses eligible for the Derby Achievement Scholarship

Any full-time undergraduate programme of study offered on campus by the University of Derby (“University”), other than the courses listed below as not eligible. 

Courses not eligible for the Derby Achievement Scholarship

The Derby Achievement Scholarship is not available on the following programmes/courses/modes of study:

  1. Foundation level courses 
  2. Corporate learning courses 
  3. Learning Beyond Registration (LBR) courses 
  4. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses 
  5. Accelerated Degrees 
  6. Apprenticeship courses 
  7. Postgraduate taught or research courses 
  8. MSc Pre-registration courses in the College of Health, Psychology & Social Care 
  9. Online courses 
  10. Courses with/undertaken at Partnership institution 
  11. Short courses whether credit or non-credit bearing 

Derby Achievement Scholarship Process

The detailed eligibility criteria and assessment process for the Derby Achievement Scholarship can be found below. 

Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible for an Derby Achievement Scholarship under these Terms if you meet the following criteria:

1. The Scholarship is available for students who are studying their Level 3 qualifications within the academic year 2021/2022 and the academic year 2022/2023  and go on to achieve the published entry tariff points or above from three full A Levels or equivalent Level 3 qualifications outlined below in the first sitting. 

Students will need to achieve or exceed the published tariff points of either 112, 120 or 128The main qualifications accepted are as listed below:  

a) A-Levels/Advanced VCE

b) Equivalent vocational qualifications:

- BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma

- OCR Cambridge Technical Extended Diploma

c) International Baccalaureate 

d) Access to Higher Education Diploma 

e) Three Scottish Advanced Highers

f) Irish Leaving Certificate 

The following conditions also apply to those mentioned above.

2. The achieved UCAS points should be attained in the first sitting for a scholarship awarded in  either academic year.

3. AS levels, Extended Project, COPE, Music qualification or other qualifications with an equivalent rating cannot be included in the combination. Points can be calculated using the UCAS Tariff Points calculator.

4. You are a UK, citizen, or a citizen of the Channel Islands or Isle of Man and are liable for ‘Home' fee status.  Other scholarships are available for International citizens and fee payers.

5. The Derby Achievement Scholarship is only available to students with home fee status, which includes EU students who have settled or part-settled status in the UK. 

6. If you are applying for a course starting in September/October 2021 (for entry into academic year 2021/2022), you must have applied by 30 June 2021 and if you are applying for a course starting in September/October 2022 (for entry into academic year 2022/2023), you must have applied by 30 June 2022. You must also hold an offer of a place from UoD for an eligible Programme.

7. You will be a new entrant student to the University for the Academic Year 2021-22 or 2022/23 and be enrolled as part of the 2021 or 2022 intake.

8. You are enrolling on your first undergraduate degree course in January 2021, March 2021 September 2021, January 2022, March 2022 or September 2022.

9. You are being charged a Full Time Undergraduate tuition fee for your course.

10. You pay all Fees when they are due to the University in accordance with the Student Contract.

11. You accept and comply with all the terms of the Student Contract.

12. You meet all conditions set out in your Offer for admission (as appropriate).

13. You are enrolled and attending as a student on campus at the University at the time of Scholarship award.

The Scholarship Assessment Process

If you meet the Eligibility Criteria, you will be considered for the Scholarship. The Derby Achievement Scholarship is £1,000.

1. You do not need to apply for this scholarship. We will aim to process the assessment of your eligibility for the Scholarship in a timely manner provided you meet our Eligibility Criteria. If successful in being eligible to receive the Derby Achievement Scholarship, we will notify you by email.

2. This Scholarship will be paid in three instalments to eligible students who are enrolled on their course at the point payment is due. The precise dates of payment will be confirmed after enrolment, but are likely to be towards the end of November of the year you enrol (either 2021 or 2022) (£340), the following February (£330), and May (£330). Only successful assessments will receive notification, which will detail proposed payment dates. Payment will be made using the bank or building society details held by the Student Loans Company, providing you remain eligible at the point of payment.

3. This Scholarship is only awarded for the first academic year of study.

4. This Scholarship can be awarded in combination with the University of Derby Bursary.

5. This Scholarship cannot be gained in addition to a Buxton and Leek College Bursary, or any other bursary offered by the University of Derby unless specified in these terms and conditions.

6. If we are of the reasonable view that you do not meet our Eligibility Criteria, you will not receive the scholarship and you will not receive any notifications.

7. You must notify the University within 14 days of receiving confirmation details of the proposed Derby Achievement Scholarship award if you do not wish to receive it.

The terms and conditions set out here are an accurate account at the time of publication. However, the University of Derby reserves the right to modify, update or extend these conditions at any time.

For enquires concerning the Derby Achievement Scholarship please email or call +44 (0)1332 591167 and speak to a member of the team.

About these Terms

Please refer to the University’s Student General Terms and Conditions for further information.  

If successful, you will be registered and enrolled on a programme with the University as a full-time on campus undergraduate student.

You must abide by the following policies of the University:

  1. The Student Code of Conduct
  2. IT Policies
  3. Academic Regulations Policy and Procedures

We may make changes to these terms from time to time but the version that is applicable to you will be those that were in force at the date of your first enrolment with us, please see the version number applicable in the footer.

Removal of a Scholarship

We may remove the Scholarship immediately if:

In the event the Scholarship is removed, where appropriate, the University reserves the right to consider further action under the University’s Disciplinary policy. 

If at any stage you decide to defer entry onto the course until the following year, then typically you will no longer be eligible for the Derby Achievement Scholarship.

Repayment of the Scholarship

If your Scholarship is removed for any of the reasons given above, you may be liable to pay us the monetary amount equating to your Scholarship, or the part payment of the Scholarship received by you at the date of removal, immediately on demand.

Marketing and Promotion

You may be required to make yourself available at reasonable notice for any publicity and marketing campaigns which we may want to run in connection with our scholarship schemes, which may include but not be limited to public appearances, speeches, photographs, blogging and/tweeting or interviews.

How we may use your personal information

We will use the personal information you provide to us in applying for the Derby Achievement Scholarship to administer the Scholarship scheme only. We will retain all documents we receive in connection with the Scholarship scheme along with your other student records in accordance with our Data Protection Policy and other Data Governance policies.

Once you are enrolled at the University, we will contact you using your University student email account. It is your responsibility to check this account regularly for important information regarding payment of your Scholarship, and any other requests relating to the Scholarship scheme.