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Derby Achievement Scholarship: the extra gift I never knew I needed

Hannah Middup was excited and determined. She had applied to study BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy with us – a stepping stone to her dream career. When she received her offer, she was delighted. She was even more thrilled when she found out she was eligible for the £1,000 Derby Achievement Scholarship.

An added bonus

The Derby Achievement Scholarship is available to students who meet the eligibility criteria - and achieve or exceed the top entry requirements for their chosen course.

Hannah says: “It was such a nice surprise to hear that I was eligible to receive the scholarship, just by applying to study at Derby! It meant I could achieve the degree I wanted and was financially rewarded for doing so – an added bonus as my reason to choose this University”.

Celebrating achievements

Our Admissions Team kept Hannah up to date on the progress of the scholarship award. She knew that, if she met or exceeded her expected grades, she would automatically receive the scholarship.

On finding out in August 2020 that she had exceeded her predicted grades, and secured her place at Derby, Hannah says: “Shortly after results day, I received confirmation that I would receive the scholarship. And, within a matter of weeks, I received the first payment in my bank without even having to fill in any forms. What a great feeling!”

The Derby Achievement Scholarship is paid in three instalments throughout the first year into the bank account registered with the Student Loans Company.

Enjoying student life

When asked how the scholarship helped her financially, Hannah says: “It meant that I was that bit more comfortable in enjoying the student lifestyle I had hoped for in my first year. I knew I was receiving three payments which meant I was not hesitant on participating in all the activities and events available to students.”

Reflecting on her first year at the University of Derby, she says: “I grew up about 20 minutes from the city of Derby, but was always planning on moving into halls. I knew it was the best way to make friends outside of my course and give me the authentic student experience. Derby is such a great city. The modern campus and halls are close together and the city has everything you need to make a great student life for yourself, and it is easily accessible for the weekends when I want to go home.”

“The Derby Achievement Scholarship is very helpful for first year students. It's a great incentive which gives you the added bit of help and independence.”

Studying BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy, Hannah supports people who have a range of difficulties to perform the everyday activities which are key to their health and wellbeing – from work, sport and leisure to aspects of self-care. She says: “Starting university in the middle of a pandemic was always going to pose its challenges. Once I had adapted to learning online in the first few weeks, I soon began to love my course and knew it was the right decision for me. The lecturers were great and so supportive in helping me to adapt to the new way of learning.”

Hannah Middup
Hannah Middup

About the Derby Achievement Scholarship

The £1,000 Derby Achievement Scholarship is available to students studying Level 3 qualifications (such as A-Levels or BTEC) in the 2021/22 or 2022/23 academic year who meet the eligibility criteria.

You may receive the Derby Achievement Scholarship if: