Environmental Sustainability - your questions answered! video transcript

I'm Dr Deb Raha, I'm the Program Leader for BSc Environmental Sustainability. I refer to myself as an Environmental Social Scientist. My specialisation lies in looking at the interconnectedness between society and environment. The world is undergoing a huge amount of change in terms of its sustainability and environmental challenges. So this course is for students who are really passionate about bringing about change in the environment to finding sustainable solutions and for anybody who wants to create a career in green economy.

This programme equips the environmental specialists of the future to become leaders in environmental sustainability. You will be learning about restoration ecology, conservation of coral reef ecosystems, conservation of endangered species, natural flood risk management. All these are research projects that our staff are involved in. Our students will have access to modern classrooms that enable lecture recordings and vibrant discussions within class. Students will also have access to the Peak District National Park, drone technology, scanning electron microscope, glass houses, aquatic research center, insectary and modern laboratories are just some of the facilities that students will have access to. There will be work placement opportunities embedded within the modules. There will be the professional development package, which is undertaken by students to ensure that they have transferability skills when they're in the job market.

The student initiated module, which is a module created around the needs and the expectations of students in terms of their career ambition. And finally, if the students want to undertake the industrial placement here, they have the option of taking the industrial placement here at the end of the second year. Jobs around green economy are vastly changing to be part of things like corporate social responsibility, sustainable operation and management. Intergovernmental organisations such as United Nations, UNDP, research institutions, councils, conservation organisations are looking for people with this specialisation.

Environmental Sustainability - your questions answered! video

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