Electrical and Electronic Engineering - your questions answered! video transcript

My name is Dr Ahmad Kharaz, I'm an Associate Professor in Intelligent Instrumentation in the discipline of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I teach on sensors and systems, intelligent instrumentation, signals, and circuit analysis. So the courses are BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. There is also associated foundation degrees and placement years. So these courses are for people who want to make a difference. It will equip them with the knowledge and the expertise to develop systems that allow us to make the most of renewable energy sources. All our Electrical and Electronic Engineering courses are accredited by the Institute of Engineering and Technology. The BEng course is the first step for our students to gain chartered status. Our students, they expect to gain deep technical ability - technical knowledge, and the practical experience, and these two, at Derby University, we have a good balance between the two, to allow students to do well in the career of their own choice.

We have a pool of a very large number of local industries around the University. Most of our academics, they provide consultancy to these companies through funding, government funding, and regional funding. So, we are placed in a good position to offer the students a good placement that is in line with our courses. The benefit for is that it's like having the first step into employment. Some of our students in the past, they have managed to continue being employed by the company that offered them their placement. And others even started doing part-time at the same time, still working for the company.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering - your questions answered! video

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