Graduate case study - Rebecca Baxter video transcript

I'm Rebecca Baxter, I studied Professional Culinary Management and I work for a company called Elite Bistros.

Studying Culinary Management, I have learned a lot about management, about business, about just the little things from operational plans, operational management, through to strategic management. 

I've learned a lot about marketing, social media, finance and then just the little things like restaurant supervision, customer service, managing the customer experience, supervising people, leading people. Out of all these modules you can do, you get kitchen experience, like professional kitchen or pastry and bakery.

You get so much through the modules, you get so much experience about the things you want to do so it really throws you into what you're going to experience.

Yes, it's a completely different ball game when you get out there, but it kind of prepares you a little bit and then you go in, and you can see and relate to things that you've done in uni.

You do get that one-on-one personalisation. It's a really nice family to be in and to feel a part, to be a part of the University and then go on to do something, you just want to come back to say 'look at me now! look where I am - and you helped me!' So it's nice.

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