Graduate case study - Rosie Maguire video transcript

My name is Rosie Maguire, my role in my current job is as a demi chef de partie. I wanted definitely to be able to do a degree; I think a degree is a fantastic thing to do, to be able to immerse yourself in study, so deeply and also so freely was something I'd always wanted to do.

However you know with my passion being food and cooking I never thought it was actually an option to be able to go to university and to do a degree, but to do the degree in culinary arts.

So since I graduated I immediately moved to Scotland. At the industry networking day in 2018, I met a representative -actually, a former student colleague from Loch Lomond Golf Club and immediately I sort of saw that it was a fantastic place to work, but to be sure, I made sure that I could go up and visit and talk to the executive chef and see the kitchens and work with all the chefs.

So it actually got to a point where I had a job offer before I even graduated. Which was great, obviously, because I managed to hand in my final pieces of work and then immediately move up to start my new life.

So I moved to Glasgow. Well just outside of Glasgow on the bottom of Loch Lomond, which is obviously absolutely beautiful. And I started my job in June as a demi chef de partie in the fine dining restaurant at the club.

Graduate case study - Rosie Maguire video

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