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My name is Dr Bill Naylor and I am the programme leader for the bachelor of science Counselling and Psychotherapy. The course available is the bachelor of science honours in Counselling and Psychotherapy Principles and Practices. It's a three-year programme and students on the programme will be
looking at the different theoretical models of counselling and psychotherapy as well as engaging in some skills work. People who tend to come on the programme have a real desire to help others in a variety of roles. An example would be that some of our students now have gone on to take on mental health mentoring roles particularly in schools because that's becoming very high profile so they've been working in primary and secondary settings. Some students have gone into roles within HR where people skills are valued. For students wishing to pursue a career in psychotherapy, we do recommend that they avail of our post-graduate provision.

In the second year, students are expected to do a minimum of 30 hours placement and we do encourage them to do more than that so that's the very minimum. A substantial amount of our students into schools, so they'll be placed in primary schools and secondary schools offering very simple mental health mentoring to people who feel they need some support in that area. We've also got students who avail of our volunteering fairs here at Derby University, so there are a variety of opportunities when we have the volunteer stands here and students are able to go and pick what they'd like to do from those stands that are on offer. Students will develop skills that are appropriate to counselling so we look at body language, we look at listening skills, we look at empathy and then students have the opportunity to put these into practice through role-play. Students will be taught by staff who are practising psychotherapists with many years experience. and who work from different modalities so we have cognitive behavioural practitioners, person-centred practitioners, psychodynamic practitioners, so this really will enrich the student experience. Derby University has a really solid reputation, a long reputation, as being an excellent provider for counselling and psychotherapy training. All of the staff on my programme are psychotherapists with many years experience so they're able to delivery really up to date client work and teaching. We offer some really engaging placement opportunities to students in their second year particularly in secondary and primary school settings where mental health now is really seen as an important and key issue so students can get experience in that. And also some placements within the voluntary charity settings as well.

Counselling - your questions answered! video

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