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I'm Kim Smith I'm course Director in Computing and Mathematics. We have a range of courses from computer science, computer games programming, networks and security, computer games modelling and animation and information technology. The main features will tend to be the real world live briefs that we do which allows students to be prepared for industry. They're part of the CISCO academy, as you're doing the CISCO course as built into the networks course you can get up to the point where you're ready to do the CCNA exams. In addition to that, we're a Microsoft academy which allows us to gain access to materials, operating systems etc which as a student you can freely download and make use of and a lot of the Microsoft tools. The way students learn will be in the labs, on the computers doing it for real. We tend to have situations where we'll have a one-hour lecture which will teach the the fundamentals followed by a two or three hour  lab actually trying to put that into practice understanding how it all fits together so it's a very hands-on type of course, very industrial based, very focused on what they need to do.  

All our courses have a year-long, built into them, a year-long placement in industry. You don't have to do that you can do the straight three-year degree but if you do the four years without third  year in out in industry you will go to out to a local, well a local industry, we have students in Spain, we have students in CERN, we have students in the States, so it can be anywhere in the world  and after a year out in industry finding what life really is like when you come in for your final year it will be a very different scenario you will actually have quite a wide understanding you'll be  able to bring back into the classroom. Facilities wise we have a whole range of labs as I said that we've got cybersecurity and forensics here, we have computer games, we have two new labs, we've got a data cave, that's a 3d cave all surround standing in the middle of this environment  but in addition to that, we also have a new cave, a new facility we've just developed with augmented reality and virtual reality in the same area. Students will be taught by a range of people, we've got a lot of researchers, the researchers will bring in their key research areas, the new  technologies, the new techniques. You've also got some people who've got industrial experience so you've got a full range of people but even those that are more research-based will be bringing in the live briefs, the real-world links with companies to give you that clear direction of what the industry is requiring at this time.

Opportunities - there will have opportunities to get involved with real-world research and also looking at real-world problems and how to solve them. They will also develop that skill set that will allow them to put a network in place, write a programme, put a wi-fi unit up, the whole aspect of the fundamentals which will then be built upon but in addition to that there are these opportunities to do  research with key researchers opportunity to do placements internships within the degree.

Built Environments - your questions answered! video

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