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Computer Games Modelling and Animation student Martyna Tomaszewska:

This course is probably one of the best choices I've ever made. I had no experience and the course was actually equipped to work with people who were even starting from zero, from scratch.

Computer Games Modelling and Animation student Faye Meadows:

Coming onto the course it's really great to see, you know, people of all kinds of backgrounds, meeting up people of like minds who enjoy art. I think it's been really great and obviously seeing a lot of the technology and things we wouldn't be able to do normally.

Computer Games Programming student Adam Cooper:

The Derby course seemed to be the most full on the different sort of levels, it was keyed at doing all sorts of programming with games thrown in. It's been great fun, as you can probably see from the t-shirt I made a game called Cave Crusaders, it's also let me meet a load of people through different societies and things. I've joined clubs and things like that it's got me a few hobbies and that's a really good fun.

Computer Games Programming student Ryan Ashley:

The course has been fantastic actually especially the games development, having that freedom to create games that we wanted to do in, the languages that we wanted to do as well it was really quite awesome.

Computer Games Modelling and Animation student Alex Bingley:

Working with a team of programmers as well has been really rewarding experience, it's been fantastic to network with other students and on the whole making something that's fun and fantastic at the end of it.

Computer Games Modelling and Animation student Diogo Faria Pimenta:

The more you put into the course the more you get out of it, you know, we inspire each other and of course I think it's really good at inspiring you to make better work and I can't wait for second year, it's been the best experience.

Faye Meadows:

I think in second year it's really good because that's the time when you can start branching out into areas that you want to specialise in, so for me that was character art, you start working in teams a bit more you obviously get to know your peers a lot more which is obviously really good because in third year you get to work in a team to make a big game. So I think at Derby there's a really good student spirit, I think the Union and having all that there's so much support, you know the lecturers are able to not only offer you support on a student scale and in your lectures and feedback there, but obviously you know personally they're all great people and it's really easy to seek support where you need it for things.

Alex Bingley:

There's an entire module focused on professional portfolio development, it helps you understand where your specialisations might be applicable, what sort of jobs might be available to you, what sort of products or projects you might want to work on to adjust and fit a certain job role.

Faye Meadows:

I think in third year when I graduate it will be really nice to use some of those connections that you're able to make in university because obviously the lecturers have a lot of connections with games companies around Derby so by the time I graduate I'm hoping to be able to have that foot step into industry.

Adam Cooper:

It's actually got me a job, I've got job starting in September and that's in programming and at the end the day that's what I really aimed to do, get a job.

Faye Meadows:

I think generally coming to this university has been the best decision that I've made in relation to where I want to go in life, I kind of took that leap and I think it's really, really, really paid off.

Alex Bingley:

Absolutely fit well if it's what you're interested in, never underestimate your own interests and talents and if it's something that you think you can do, absolutely try and take it as far as you can.

Our Computer Games students video

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